This book is dedicated to ALL who have Anderfantasies—this just might be one of them

Anderchronicles, The Book

"At last the world can have their morning Coke and The Anderchronicles, too—today and everyday. This is a definite boon to mankind" The Boston Gazette

"One of the most important novels of our time." USA Tomorrow

"Lucid, smart, powerful." The Washington Journal

"Not only inspiring, but educational as well." The Siskiyou Tribune

"A novel with a lot of pluck."The Washington Journal

"A treasure without measure." The North Forty Herald

"You'll laugh, you'll cry, at times you'll cough and maybe even sputter a little." The Courier

"By all indications, this masterful work just may prove to be more instrumental in turning our economy around than the president's stimulous package." The Bodega Bay Clarion



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Final Warning

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Chapter One: Last Minute Gift Idea

Chapter Two: Confession

Chapter Three: Henna-Happy Harriet

Chapter Four: The Beauty of Nature's Work

Chapter Five: Fire in the Galley

Chapter Six: An Evening Out

Chapter Seven: A Bed, A Bed, At Last—A Bed

Chapter Eight: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Chapter Nine: How I Spent Christmas Eve With Ronald McDonald

Chapter Ten: Christmas Day

Chapter Eleven: The Magic of Christmas Night

Chapter Twelve: The Anderface

Chapter Thirteen: A Sad Good-Bye

Chapter Fourteen: Ellee, Honey, Don't Sing

Chapter Fifteen: Planting My Little Christmas Secret Part I

Chapter Sixteen: Planting My Little Christmas Secret Part II

Chapter Seventeen: Planting My Little Christmas Secret Part III

Chapter Eighteen: Planting My Little Christmas Secret Part IV

Chapter Nineteen: Andy's New Year's Resolutions

Chapter Twenty: New Year's Eve

Chapter Twenty-one: New Year's Day

Chapter Twenty-two: Waterfall of Tears

Chapter Twenty-three: . . .Through, Through, Through

Chapter Twenty-four: A Dozen Red Roses

Chapter Twenty-five: Ms. P.T.

Chapter Twenty-six: Door Number One, Please

Chapter Twenty-seven: S n a r k y Part I

Chapter Twenty-eight: S n a r k y Part II

Chapter Twenty-nine: Rats

Chapter Thirty: Rhoda and Rodney

Chapter Thirty-one: Martell

Chapter Thirty-two: A Brief Encounter

Chapter Thirty-three: A Little Bit of AnderRomance: Part I— Letters in Pink

Chapter Thirty-four: A Little Bit of AnderRomance: Part II—Valentine's Day

Chapter Thirty-five: A Little Bit of AnderRomance: Part III—The Guests

Chapter Thirty-six: A Little Bit of AnderRomance: Part IV—Ellee

Chapter Thirty-seven: A Little Bit of AnderRomance: Part V—The Party

Chapter Thirty-eight: A Little Bit of AnderRomance: Part VI—Dance The Night Away

Chapter Thirty-nine: A Little Bit of AnderRomance: Part VII—Andy and Ellee

Chapter Forty: You Can't Catch A Rainbow

Chapter Forty-one: A Valentine Thing

Chapter Forty-two: Enough Tears To Go Around

Chapter Forty-three: Boxes

Chapter Forty-four: Make-overs Are Me

Chapter Forty-five: Big-screen TVs and Fine Silk

Chapter Forty-six: Newt Hunting

Chapter Forty-seven: Resolution Number Twenty-nine

Chapter Forty-eight: The Love of Molly

Chapter Forty-nine: Bertie's Babies

Chapter Fifty: The Stars of Panthera

Chapter Fifty-one: Half A World Away

Chapter Fifty-two: Spring Rain

Chapter Fifty-three: Us

Chapter Fifty-four: First Date

Chapter Fifty-five: Gifts

Chapter Fifty-six: Chez Andre

Chapter Fifty-seven: A Glo-ing Invitation

Chapter Fifty-eight: Porter

Chapter Fifty-nine: Tea for Two—Thirty-two . . .and One Bad Dog

Chapter Sixty: Beside The Lake, Beneath The Trees

Chapter Sixty-one: Springtime Magic

Chapter Sixty-two: Cherry Blossom Delight

Chapter Sixty-three: A Wedding in Kenya

Chapter Sixty-four: Good-bye,My Love

Chapter Sixty-five: The Return

Chapter Sixty-six: An Ancient Find

Chapter Sixty-seven: Chosen

Chapter Sixty-eight: A Thousand Beautiful Memories

Chapter Sixty-nine: Running Deer and Gentle Lily

Chapter Seventy: A Million Golden Lilies

Chapter Seventy-one: Together Forever